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Kellie A
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Великобритания, Англия
I am a native English speaker who lives in London, UK.
I attended teaching college in London where I gained my TEFL qualification, and I have taught in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.
In London I taught Business English to high level executives in classes and on a one-to-one basis.
In Australia and New Zealand I participated in High School preparation programmes and administered IELTS exams at a Cambridge IELTS Pre-Test centre.
I specialise in IELTS and General Business English, but also enjoy Conversation and General English classes.
I am very experienced in teaching children and have run English classes at The International German School in London. I believe in encouraging children to learn through grammar games and fun reading activities.
In my Skype lessons I use many different kinds of texts, as well as videos and mp3 listening practice files when required.
Thanks to my many years of teaching, I am adept at helping nervous students to feel comfortable and I am very patient. One of my strong points as a teacher is the ability to explain difficult grammar in an easy to understand way.
I believe it is important to give students homework and I encourage students to ask questions if there is something they don’t understand.
For business students I can offer Business Email coaching and relevant vocabulary for many different work situations such as meetings and negotiations.
My interests are writing and travelling. I have visited over 22 countries and I love to learn about different cultures.
Because I have learned a second language myself, I understand how difficult it can be for students and I am able to help them to learn more easily because of my own experiences.
8 (495) 984-89-71
Skype English-study-online