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Scott W
Hello, my name is Scott. I am a professional English teacher from Conway, South Carolina, USA.
I have 5 years of professional teaching experience. I had previously worked in Samara Russia for 2.5 years. While in Samara, I taught general and conversational English, FCE certification courses, business English, and English to children. In addition I taught business English in the corporate setting ranging from top corporate executives to the employees of the accounting, finance and Information Technology departments. Since Samara Russia, I have been teaching online for 3 years.
I received my teaching certification from the Boston Language Institute. I hold an Associate’s degree in Computer Information Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, and an MBA in Business administration.
My teaching philosophy is that everyone can learn English. I create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere which aids in maximizing the learning experience.My classes build upon grammar skills, pronunciation, intonation, and most importantly, speaking in a natural English environment, whether you require general business English, business English for specific purposes, interview for a new position, or general and conversational English.
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