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Oksana O
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Hello, everyone!
I’m Ksusha from Belgorod, your personal on-line English teacher!
I got a degree in teaching English and German languages after years of studies at Nothern international university, Magadan and at Belgorod state university, Belgorod. I also got 3 TKT (Teacher Knowledge Test) Certificates of the University of Cambridge.
I’ve been teaching for about 8 years now. I have an experience in teaching and translating general English, business English, Financial English, Sport English and Medical English, as well as some German and even Latin!!! (Can teach you some wise statements!) I can teach everyone who is motivated – from small kids to quite advanced in years adults! From jumping and singing with kids to serious corporate adult groups! My youngest student was 3, the eldest – 55 years old!!! and the sky is the limit!)) Wow! You are reading the third passage! )) Good job!!! )) OK, then. I hate boring classes. So, come to my classes. It’s gonna be a great fun!
8 (495) 984-89-71
Skype English-study-online