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Diana D
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Великобритания, Англия
My name is Diana Dole. I have been teaching in Companies for all my professional life. I studied in London, then married a Frenchman, worked as a corporate trainer in the Norh of France for 20 years, collaborating with local administrations, such a hospitals, town halls, social workers as well as private companies like P&O Ferries, the Fish Trade, Tourist operators, local pharmaceutical and engineering industries.
I was employed for some time in Asia, as a University Teacher in China. For the past year, I have been giving English lessons on line through Skype and the telephone to various companies in Europe, mainly France but also Spain and Italy, consulting groups, pharmaceutical companies, the French Post Office, transport corporations, lawyers, car suppliers, petroleum groups and a French food industry.
I have two sons, one of them married after his MBA and now working, the other one still a medical student in London.
I really enjoy communicating with people, love teaching. In my leisure time, I like swimming, badmington, fitness and gym club. From time to time I go to the cinema. Reading, having a meal or spending an afternoon with friends are my favourite pastimes.
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